How to Hang Heavy Mirrors

Need to hang out a heavy mirror or graphic? Use these helpful hints to hang it securely in the ideal place.
Merchandise costs, accessibility and product quantities may vary on the internet or by the marketplace.
You will want to look at a couple of things before you purchase the hardware.
1. Determine what Kind of wall you’ve got: Drywall, Plaster or masonry. To see whether you have drywall or plaster, then push a spoonful to the wall. If it goes in easily, it is drywall.
2. A hanging mirror should get a solid framework. If Your mirror already has hardware attached, so it is safe to hang. Shop mirrors & mirror accessories in Melbourne you can visit If you are uncertain about an old mirror, then you can reinforce the frame with angle brackets.
3. Weigh the mirror — a toilet scale functions fine. Hardware weight limitations are recorded on the hardware packaging.
4. Choose a place to hang on the mirror. Finding it over A study is useful, but not mandatory with the ideal anchors. Always mark the middle of the stud, and also keep in mind utilities may be attached to it if the stud is near a light switch, faucet or socket.

5. Hold the mirror set up — near eye level. Mark the wall close to the middle of the top edge with a pencil or painter’s tape.
6. Enlist a helper when the mirror is thick.
7. On the rear of the mirror, you’re likely going to see D-rings or even a cable. It’s possible to hang wire or rings from two hooks on the wall.
8. To acquire the ideal distance between the pins, stick a long bit of tape onto a flat and mark the distance between the D-rings.
9. Put the level apart. Lock among the mounting Hooks on the ring since it’s going to be placed on the wall. Measure in the mounting hole at the hook into the peak of the mirror.
10. Transfer this space into the wall, measuring down in the line you marked in Step 1.
11. Center your degree on the wall and mark the place to the hook mounting holes.
12. If you are consistent with a stud, then fix the hardware on it. Otherwise, put in a wall socket and then attach the hardware.
13. Great to Know – All-in-one twist and anchor goods are readily available.
14. Insert bumpers to the base of the mirror to protect against scratching the wall socket.
15. Gently hang on the mirror onto the hooks.