Top 5 Places To Hold Entrepreneurial Events and Meet Your Future Investors


No matter which stage we’re at in the development of our businesses, we need funds flowing in to maximize our market potential. While having a great funding source can be relatively easy with knowledge and the right network, meeting the perfect financier to invest in your endeavor may be daunting.

Well, nothing beats being with the right network of people when these needs arise, at the right timing. Here are some places you should be in to scout for your future investor.

Networking Events

As its name suggests, a networking event is one of the best places to extend your business network and hopefully meet your sought-after investor. While you may need to get used to the culture and atmosphere in these meetings as it can be overwhelming at times, attending these events can help grow your business and meet those people who can make your dreams possible.

Community Organizations

Even the most prominent investors use marketing strategies. While these financiers are busy making money daily, they still find time to give back to their communities or preferred charities and increase their visibility at the same time. While we can’t always expect the top members to attend an individual event, we can still meet their representatives who can relay our interests.


Every professional creates a LinkedIn account not just because it is considered ‘in,’ but because this networking platform is undeniably the best there is. You’ll come across connections and mutual contacts along the way, whom you can contact regarding your business interests and the need for an investor. Just abide by the rules and avoid spamming. Learning how to introduce yourself in a creative and exciting way also helps.

While these areas allow you to meet the right investor, approaching your future business partners without preparation, knowledge, and strong ideas can limit your chances. Remember there are also others who will be in these places with the same reasons, which adds to the invisible competition. Practice how to pitch your ideas and think them through.